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Overseas RV Caravan in the Alpes

2013 Italy, Alps & The Mediterranean Caravan
2013 Trip Application, Itinerary and Cost Estimate Table

2014 Italy, Alps & The Mediterranean Caravan
2014 Trip Application, Itinerary and Cost Estimate Table


It is a 40-day SPRING caravan in ITALY, THE ALPS AND ALONG THE MEDITERRANEAN.  This caravan will rendezvous and end at a hotel outside of Munch, Germany, in early April and then travel for 36 nights in Italy, Germany, Austria and Switzerland, with an option into Lichtenstein.  The spring season is a wonderful time to travel, particularly in Europe.  Weather is usually comfortable, although there may still be snow on the passes (Brenner, Simplon and Großglocker Straßszlig; a) that traverse over and through the Alps.  Flowers should be starting to bloom.  Enjoy rolling countryside and low hills and the Tuscany area of Italy and later contrast this with alpine scenery in southern Bavaria, Austria and Switzerland.  Some of the major cities visited will include Bolzano, Verona, Venice, Florence, Rome, Pisa, Milano and the Cinque Terre National Park coastal area of Italy; Munich in Germany; Salzburg and Innsbruck in Austria and Susten (Zermatt) in Switzerland.  The caravan will visit many small communities in all the countries that offer superb sightseeing and relaxed shopping opportunities.  Museums abound, featuring fine art, sculpture, architectural, European and Roman history and World War II memorials, plus much more. Enjoy Ercolano (Herculaneum) that is a lesser known ruins, near Naples, Italy, which was covered during the August 24, 79 A.D., eruption of Mt. Vesuvius by a pyroclastic mudflow that virtually encapsulated the city, thus preserving it.  The list of sights could go on for pages!  You’ll have to go on this caravan if you want to begin exploring these fabulous places and sights in Italy and portions of Germany, Switzerland or Austria.


It is an economical, rented mini-motorhome camping caravan, 36 camping nights in length, covering much of the best that the countries visited have to offer.  The caravan is put together by experienced caravan leaders that take care of the many small details of a caravan, including having a driver's meeting on travel days to review the day's route and sightseeing opportunities.  The caravans provide FREEDOM to do your ADVENTURING, when you want and at your own pace.  The caravans are run during a slightly off high-season time, when campgrounds and attractions are generally not as crowded.  They place you in the heart of the countries, with their people and culture, not in a "pushed for time" guided tour group!  Most travel is on the very scenic "back roads" at your own pace.  Caravans use preselected campgrounds where caravan members camp together.  On travel days, you and another newly made friend can travel together, doing and visiting the things that interest you.  Each caravanner is provided with an European and Italian road atlas and a detailed road log (itinerary) containing daily suggested driving options and directions, as well as suggestions for sights to visit, plus selected small maps for each day's travel.  Caravanners are encouraged to explore and seek out experiences that particularly fulfill your own personal interests in addition to the suggested sights.

Our itineraries may be changed or modified at any time without advanced notice at the will of the caravan travel consultants. These itineraries are the exclusive property of Overseas RV Camping Caravans. Although the consultants have made every effort to provide accurate and up-to-date information they accept no responsibility for loss, injury or inconvenience from unplanned sightseeing occurring to any person as the result of using this information. We require each party take out their own emergency medical and trip cancellation insurance policy.

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