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Grossglotker highway through the Austrian Alpes in the National Hohe Taurn Park

European Travel

Do you enjoy wandering and meandering the back roads in your RV, seeing the sights and traveling through the countryside stopping to investigate the interesting small towns?  Well then, how about wandering the back roads of European countries through the picturesque villages taking in the wonderful sights with the FREEDOM to stop and visit whatever piques your interest and finding ADVENTURES of all kinds and types?  If you enjoy the FREEDOM that traveling via RV brings, meeting people and the ADVENTURE of foreign travel, then join us on one of our “Overseas RV Camping Caravans.”
ANYONE in good health (your decision), with a spirit for adventure, experienced in RV travel (Yes, your RVing buddy, or any non-Airstream owner for that matter, is welcome to join in the fun, excitement and adventure) and who relishes the freedom of the RVing life-style is welcome to join any of the Overseas RV Camping Caravans.  You can’t always park your rig right next to the attractions and sometimes parking can be very challenging in the cities at times.  Therefore, EXPECT to do quite a bit of walking as a part of your sightseeing experience.  EXPECT to make your own food choices from mostly English language menus in restaurants (remember to ask for them).  However, you still might get surprised sometimes in that what you “thought” you ordered might be different than what you are served.  Just smile and enjoy this new and different experience, as the food is always excellent.  EXPECT to enjoy the independence, freedom and adventure that RV travel in foreign countries provides.  EXPECT (and really plan) to travel with each of the new friends that you will make while on the “Caravan.”
All you need to do to get on the list for one of our memorable Overseas RV Camping Caravans is to fill out the reservation form (found under “Our Tours” on this website) and send it, along with your check, as directed on the bottom of the application.
You fly from your home base in the USA to a major European airport, centrally located near the start of the caravan, where we will meet you and take you to pick up your motorhome  (approximately 20 feet in length) then driving a short ways to shop for supplies, before arriving at the nearby campground.  We provide you with a daily travel itinerary outlining possible routes of travel, sights to stop and see along the way, as well as the location of the reserved camping facility on travel days.  There are always more things to do and sights to see in a day than you can possibly do.  So, pick out the ones that interest you the most, as you travel along the route on your own or with a “buddy.”  Many of the highlights in the areas that we explore are covered in your travel itinerary.  When visiting a larger city we usually camp either on the outskirts or in a nearby village and utilize the efficient and economical public transportation to get from place to place.
Explore our website to see our different caravan itineraries (by hovering on "OUR TOURS" at the top of the page), frequently asked questions (FAQ) and information on the types of motorhomes we rent (RV).
My wife, Sally and I, as RV caravan travel consultants, are there to answer your questions, help you along the way and assist in resolving any challenges, should they arise.
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